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If you need car accident attorney in Chicago, the chances are that your accident had some serious consequences. Whatever the circumstances may be, you have every right to hope for the best possible outcome and to see everyone involved treated fairly.

America’s system of law is second to none, but legal matters are both complicated and precise. Even if the facts and evidence are on your side, the way that the lawyer you choose conducts your case can have as big an impact as those facts.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you seek to find the right lawyer for you.

How Long Has the Lawyer Been in Practice?

This is not the kind of case where you are likely to be well-served by someone who is just learning the ropes. Look for an attorney with enough experience to satisfy you that they know their way around the system, and who is recognized for professional achievements in the area of personal injury law.

Does the Attorney Focus on Car Accident Cases?

If your case is off the beaten path of the attorney’s usual workload, that is not ideal. As in any aspect of law, specialized knowledge is valuable.

Has the Attorney Handled Other Cases Like Yours?

Perhaps your car accident is routine, or perhaps it involves issues that involve large amounts of money or additional legal risks for one or more of the parties. If an attorney has represented others in similar cases, ideally numerous others, that’s good for you.

What Do Others Think of the Attorney?

Find out what you can about the attorney’s reputation among his colleagues, and even the reputation in the community. You want signs of integrity, intelligence, and skill in the courtroom.

Can You Work Closely with This Person?

The answer to this question is personal, to some extent. Not everyone gets along with everyone, and there may not be an objective reason why.

The attorney/client relationship is an important one. You should feel that your case is important to your lawyer and that everything legally possible will be done to help you through a difficult time.

While professional credentials are a critical point in the success of your case, it can make a big difference if when you are confident in your attorney’s experience, record of success, and credential, a good rapport makes a difference.

How Do the Fees Work?

Make sure you ask all the questions you need to ask to fully understand your financial obligations, and what percentage of any settlement will be taken by your attorney.

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