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MindFrameCapture LP Device Overview

The MindFrameCapture LP Revascularization device was developed to restore blood flow in patients who have suffered an ischemic stroke. An ischemic stroke is caused by a clot in the brain halting blood flow, leading to brain cell death. The device was intended to be an effective method to surgically remove a clot in certain patients, when performed within eight hours of the stroke event.

FDA Recall due to Risk of Serious Injury or Death

The FDA recently issued a Class 1 FDA recall (the most serious FDA recall), of several lots of MindFrameCapture LP Revascularization Devices due to a potentially lethal defect. The device worked with a thin pushwire which a surgeon inserted into an artery, and then threaded it through the artery to the area of the brain where the clot was lodged. The device has a mesh system that grabs the clot, which was then extracted through the artery.

The recall is associated with an extremely dangerous issue – the risk of the wire breaking or separating while the procedure was being performed. In the recalled devices, the part of the device that was intended to retrieve the clot could potentially break off with the retrieval section being left within the artery. Further surgical intervention to attempt to remove it from the patient added the risk of serious complications, including bleeding, further blockage of the vital blood vessels, severe stroke symptoms, or a patient dying during the procedure.

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MindFrameCapture LP Revascularization Device Lawyer

At Myers & Flowers, we have represented thousands of patients in faulty medical device cases. We help our clients navigate the legal system if a loved one was injured or died after a surgeon inserted a MindFrameCapture LP Revascularization Device that failed during an attempt to retrieve a blood clot.

While many thousands of procedures are performed every year to retrieve blood clots from patients suffering a stroke, 529 of the MindFrameCapture LP Revascularization Device devices have been recalled due to the risk of device failure. The products recalled are the following lot numbers: 300010, 300011, 300012, 300013, 300014, 300015, 300016, 300017 and 300018. These lots were manufactured between Feb. 3, 2016, and Jan. 14, 2018 and distributed between the dates of March 18, 2016, and Jan. 17, 2018.

FDA Recall of the MindFrameCapture LP Revascularization Device was issued May 18, 2018. In February 2018, medical providers were told to remove these devices from inventory and quarantine them, and then return them to the manufacturer, Medtronic.

Meyers & Flowers: Help for Victims

Medical device manufacturers who allow faulty devices onto the market must be held accountable for the harm they cause to patients. If your family member suffered a stroke and then more serious complications or death because of a faulty MindFrameCapture LP Revascularization Device, it is imperative that you seek legal representation. We urge you to contact us and schedule an appointment with us and discuss how to proceed with a case to recover compensation for all damages.

We take our faulty medical device cases on a contingency basis, with no legal fees unless we successfully recover financial damages, whether in a negotiated settlement or jury award. We are skilled trial lawyers, and do not shy away from taking a case to a jury when a medical device manufacturer fails to make a fair settlement offer.

To determine if serious medical complications or loss of life came about due to the use of a faulty MindFrameCapture LP Revascularization Device will require investigation into the details of the surgical procedure, access to the medical report, a full evaluation of damages, and many other actions. Our firm can professionally manage these complex issues in personal injury cases involving the MindFrameCapture LP Revascularization Device, and has over two decades helping the injured and their families seek justice and full compensation.

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