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Meyers & Flowers is currently litigating cases on behalf of individuals and families who have been harmed by defective medical products – that is, medical drugs or devices that have killed or injured the very people they were supposed to be helping.

Thousands of patients across the country have been injured and killed by these drugs and devices and have filed suit. If you or your family member are one of the many victims of these drugs and devices, you are not alone and may benefit from defective medical products litigation.

The manufacturers of these products are well aware of the harm, even deaths, their products have caused. In many cases pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers have failed to warn doctors and patients of harmful side effects or defects the manufacturer was aware of for years.

In some cases, they have actively worked to hide information on how dangerous their products were, knowing that this would result in the deaths of a number of people who went on to use them.

We want to help you if:

  • You are one of the thousands of people who has suffered unnecessary pain and expensive surgeries because a defective hip implant failed, or…
  • You and your family are victims of this particularly dangerous brand of corporate greed and irresponsibility.

Manufacturers of products so defective they injure and kill people should be held accountable for their actions. They should have to pay for what they've done to the victims of their mistakes, for their refusal to listen or for their outright decision to place profits over the health and lives of their customers.

Meyers & Flowers attorneys have handled years of complex litigation against companies like this. Big device and pharmaceutical manufacturers don't scare us. In fact, we're currently leading the defective medical products litigation front for hundreds of cases in which people who have been injured or killed by bad medical drugs and devices are seeking justice. We understand that our current caseload is just the beginning. We are fully prepared to add your case to our roster, and help you get recompense for these serious injuries.

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If you or someone you love has been injured or suffered an adverse effect as a result of a medical device or medication, contact our firm for assistance.

It will cost you nothing to find out how you could benefit from defective medical products litigation and there will be no fee to you unless we win your case.

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