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Each year, Meyers & Flowers brings positive outcomes to many individuals and families whose lives changed due to catastrophic injury, medical negligence, defective products or workplace injury. To learn more about notable settlements and jury awards involving our clients, click on a specific case.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

Mel, an Actos client

To all the staff that worked so hard.
We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the hard work you did...We can’t imagine what everyone went through to get to the end of this lawsuit. We wish we could meet you all and thank you in person for all you have done for us. Thank you so much.

George, a Hip Implant client

A friend recommended Meyers & Flowers. Now I am recommending them. They achieved a very fair settlement on a failed hip implant in a short period of time. They were courteous, respectful and kept me informed. They always had time to listen.

Joy, an Estate Planning client

Dear Penny,
Thank you so much for talking with me and helping me to understand what I needed to do or rather not do. I appreciated your help so very much.

Jerri, a Stryker Rejuvenate client

Dear Staff of Meyers and Flowers;
I would like to THANK YOU for resolving my Stryker Hip Lawsuit in a timely and professional manner. From the time that I signed my contract last January with your firm, I felt comfortable and positive that you would do your best to resolve my unfortunate situation and that I would have the best possible outcome… In life, unfortunate situations happen, your firm made the process as smooth as you could and wereVERY understanding to our needs. Your staff is dedicated and caring and should be COMMENDED for the OUTSTANDING service you provide us clients who went through this.

Michael, a DePuy ASR client

To: Staff of Meyers & Flowers, LLC
Thank you for your work on our case…Your work is very much appreciated. Happy Holidays and Thanks Again!

Maria, a Stryker Rejuvenate client

Mr. Flowers,
We have much to be thankful for this festive season. A great portion of this is from having you and yours overseeing our legal affairs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and greatly appreciate your continued efforts. God Bless you all and as I say, I am blessed.

Maria F.

I hired the law firm for several legal issues and have been very satisfied with the outcome, I highly recommend them to everyone I know.

Rodney D.

These guys has been top notch so far..will definitely refer to my friends and family.

Danielle B.

These are very intelligent, hard working and dedicated lawyers. If you ever have any legal issues you should contact Meyers & Flowers.

William B.

They are good if you need a good Law can't get no better then these guys. You're going to get a big pay day.

Stephanie W.

Outstanding attorneys and staff. This firm goes above and beyond, and truly cares about their clients.

Lauren E.

Professional, efficient, talented, and brilliant. 10/10 highly recommend!

Jeffrey F.


Client Results

$3 Million Award To Family Of Young Man Killed In Chain Reaction Crash On I-80 In LaSalle County

The truck driver crashed into a car which caused a chain reaction collision involving multiple vehicles. Tragically, Octavio and a young engaged couple in another vehicle were killed. Octavio’s wife turned to Meyers & Flowers partners Jonathan Mincieli and Craig Brown for help with this devastating case as she faced having to raise three small children on her own.

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$5 Million Settlement For Family Of Truck Driver Killed At Chicago Loading Facility

January 19, 2016, seemed like a typical day as Tracy parked his flatbed trailer in the loading zone of an industrial facility on the south side of Chicago and began preparing his flatbed to be loaded with large spools of wire.

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Meyers & Flowers wins historic $6.2 million Medical Malpractice Verdict for 71-year-old Kane County Man whose leg was Amputated above the Knee due to Avoidable Medical Errors

Meyers & Flowers announced today a historic $6,291,002 medical malpractice verdict for a needless above-knee amputation in Bill Hein vs. Kate Onyibor and Inpatient Consultants of Illinois, P.C. in Kane County, Illinois. This represents one of the largest verdicts for an injury of its kind in Kane County.

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$3.5 Million Resolution for Three-Year-Old Girl who lost her Leg after malpractice at a Chicago hospital

In 2014, Paige* was born with a rare birth trait, which greatly increased her future risk of cancer. Her parents made the difficult decision to alleviate this risk through a series of complex surgical procedures that began when Paige was just four months old.

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$3.6 Million Resolution for the family of Beloved Grandparents Killed by Negligent Driver

The Meyers & Flowers team led by Partner Michael Lenert worked tirelessly on behalf of the family of Betty and John Fassig in a wrongful death lawsuit against John Goldone III and his insurers, which was settled this summer for $3.6 million.

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Peter J. Flowers and Michael W. Lenert Recover $5 Million For Chicago Firefighter Killed In Line Of Duty

On March 31, 2017, after more than five years of litigation, the Court approved a $5 million settlement secured by Peter J. Flowers and Michael W. Lenert, partners at Meyers & Flowers, for the adult children of a Chicago Firefighter killed in the line of duty.

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Meyers & Flowers Earns $3 Million Award For Widow

Roger lived with his wife Donna in a 4 story condominium complex in Palatine. On July 30, 2013, Roger returned home from work and realized he accidentally dropped his cell phone down the trash chute that was down the hall from their 4th floor condo.

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$2.15 Million resolution for Elderly Man in suburban Medical Malpractice Case

Arthur, a 68-year-old man, was admitted to a Chicago Suburban Hospital in 2013 for prostate surgery. After his surgery, Arthur’s nurses and one of his surgeons negligently failed to diagnose an arterial blood clot in his left leg.

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$10 Million Resolution for Family of Man Killed in Industrial Accident

In January of 2015, Meyers & Flowers received a phone call from Julie concerning a lawsuit she had filed against a major US corporation. 

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$7.5 Million Medical Malpractice Award For Severely Disabled Client

Attorneys Craig Brown and Peter Flowers recently obtained a $7.5 million settlement for their severely disabled client in a case that was pending in Kane County for less than 2 years.

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$3 Million Settlement for Misdiagnosed Medical Condition

Margaret Sperl, who was a nurse, presented to the emergency room at Lutheran General Hospital on April 5, 2004 complaining of weakness, loss of balance, hearing loss and an inability to ambulate 20 minutes earlier.

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$875,000 Settlement in Death of Bicyclist

Arlene “Kay” Marshall was a well-known and well-liked resident of St. Charles, Illinois. A retired school aide, Kay was a familiar figure, often seen riding her bicycle as she made her way around town.

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$25 Million Award for Nurse’s Error

Jury awards nearly $25 million to family of woman with traumatic brain injury after botched medical procedure.

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$11 Million Award for Injuries Sustained on Casino Shuttle Bus

Attorneys Craig Brown and Peter Flowers secured an $11 million award for a plaintiff who incurred spinal injuries as a result of his wheelchair not being properly secured by a bus driver.

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$11 Million Settlement in Truck Crash That Killed Young Women

Described glowingly by all who knew her, 20-year-old Laurel Erb died in 2006 when a trucker fell asleep at the wheel on an Indiana highway and collided with a van carrying Erb and others.

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$5.9 Million Jury Award for Motorcyclist Struck by Store Employee

An award of $5.9 million was secured by Peter J. Flowers and Craig D. Brown for Michael Terry who was struck on his motorcycle by a woman driving a car on company business.

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$5 Million Settlement For Young Burn Victim

Attorneys Pete Flowers and Craig Brown settled a medical malpractice action for $5 million ensuring that a severely injured child will receive lifetime medical care.

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$4 Million Settlement When Delivery Errors Lead to Child Born with Cerebral Palsy

Family of child born with Cerebral Palsy awarded $4 million in partial settlement reached by Peter J. Flowers and Craig D. Brown.

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$2.8 Million Settlement for Family of Woman who Died After Doctors Failed to Diagnose Cancer

Attorneys Peter J. Flowers and Craig D. Brown reached $2.8 million settlement for family of woman who died of colon cancer that went unnoticed by doctors.

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Over $3 Million In Settlements for Multiple Victims of Sexual Abuse

Multiple victims of sexual abuse receive settlements totaling more than $3 million.

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$2.86 Million Settlement for Family of Woman Killed in Crash Caused by Defective Trailer Hitch

Attorneys Peter Flowers and Craig Brown , working on behalf of woman's estate, reached a $2.86 million settlement in this wrongful death and product liability case involving a defective trailer hitch.

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$2 Million Settlement After Truck Crash Leaves Man with Moderate Brain Injury

Attorneys Peter Flowers and Craig Brown reached $2 million settlement for man who suffered brain injury after truck crash.

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$1.5 Million Awarded in Auto Accident Claim

$1.5 Million Awarded in Auto Accident Claim for Injuries Sustained by Woman in Automobile Accident including Exacerbation of her Multiple Sclerosis.

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$1.5 Million Settlement in Sex Abuse Case at Gymnastics Club

Thirteen young girls awarded share of $1.5 settlement in Aurora gym club sex abuse case involving Michael Cardamone.

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$1 Million Settlement for Injuries Caused by Collapse of Lift at O’Hare Airport

$1 Million was awarded to Klaus Cinch who sustained permanent injuries as a result of a lift collapse that occurred.

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$900,000 Award in Medical Malpractice/Birthing Negligence Case

Attorneys Peter Flowers and Craig Brown secured an award of $900,000 for the family of a child who was born with severe neurological damage due to physician negligence during delivery.

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$800,000 Award for Chicago Construction Worker

Aaron, a 24 year-old construction worker suffered multiple fractures working on the Deep Tunnel project.

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$700,000 Wrongful Death Settlement in Kendall County

$700,000 Wrongful Death Settlement in Kendall County after man killed in automobile crash.

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$580,000 Settlement In Kane County, Il Automobile Crash

On November 15, 2006, the Plaintiff was driving south on Illnois Route 31 in St. Charles, Illinois, when the Defendant crossed the center line and struck her vehicle head on.

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$350,000 Settlement For Construction Negligence

The plaintiff suffered a broken leg when pouring concrete at construction site.

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$300,000 Settlement For Woman Who Suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder As A Result Of Dog Bite

The plaintiff suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after dog attack.

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Confidential Award in Case of Improperly read CT scan that resulted in woman’s death

Peter J. Flowers and Craig D. Brown, working on behalf of the estate of a woman, received a sizable award in this case involving improperly read CT scan results,Arthur Engeldinger which ultimately led to her death.

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Policy Limit Settlement When Improperly Prescribed Medication Leads to Birth Defects

A settlement near the policy limit was reached for Ellen Anderson, whose child was born with severe birth defects due to side effects of a medicine prescribed by her gynecologist.

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Estate of Man Killed in Auto Crash by Tow Truck Driver Awarded $975,000

Attorneys Peter Flowers and Craig Brown secured an award of $975,000 for the estate of Arthur Engeldinger, who was killed when his vehicle was struck by a tow truck.

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$1.5 Million Awarded in Legal Malpractice Case

$1.5 Million Awarded in Legal Malpractice Case for Clients wherein a Negligent Attorney Represented Both Sides of a Real Estate Transaction.

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Settlement in Birthing Negligence

An obstetrician at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield Illinois recently settled a lawsuit filed by attorney Peter J. Flowers brought on behalf of the parents of a child grievously injured during the birthing process.

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Failure to Diagnose Hip Dysplasia at Birth Leads to Significant Settlement

Peter Flowers and Craig Brown, representing the family of a young child born with undiagnosed hip dysplasia, reached $731,000 settlement with hospital and physicians.

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