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Meyers & Flowers is a Top Law Firm in Chicago, boasting experienced, knowledgeable trial attorneys with a long resume of victories and large awards for our clients.

We welcome referrals from other attorneys who are looking to team up with a winning law firm that will provide clients with the same care and dedication that they expect from you.

Facing the complex prosecution of a large, well-funded corporate adversary may be a daunting prospect for the sole practitioner or small firm that also has other clients to represent. Our seasoned litigators have prepared and conducted many successful trials and will not be intimidated by the size of the defense team. Meyers & Flowers can handle any or all of any case, against any opponent.

For more information on the cases we handle and settlements and awards we have won for our clients, see our Clients Results page. We are currently representing clients in several Multi-District Litigation actions around the country and are taking clients in these and other large-scale litigation matters.

Meyers & Flowers has a winning team of seasoned trial attorneys ready to help you achieve the best possible results for your clients. Whether you're looking to co-counsel or wish to refer a matter, give us the opportunity to meet with you and your client to discuss your case.


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Gregory H. Booth Gregory H. Booth vCard
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Of Counsel

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F. Keith Brown Hon. F. Keith Brown vCard
Klint Bruno Klint Bruno
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