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Meyers & Flowers announces Stryker LFIT V40 Femoral Head Products Liability Multidistrict Litigation Settlement

Meyers & Flowers Founder and Partner Peter J. Flowers chaired the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for a group of law firms leading the Stryker LFIT Cobalt Chromium V40 Femoral Heads litigation. He, along with the committee, have announced a confidential, private settlement of many cases involving the recalled hip component used in hip replacement surgeries.

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Pam Cooking Spray – the common in millions of U.S. kitchens– linked to dangerous explosions and major burns

Pam Cooking Spray has been used by home cooks for decades, but Meyers & Flowers is warning consumers and home cooks the convenient pantry staple’s defective can design combined with petroleum-based propellants is linked to serious burns and kitchen fires across the U.S.

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A Team of Top Trial Attorneys for Landmark Cases

Led by Illinois Super Lawyer and former President of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association Peter J. Flowers, our team of experienced and creative trial attorneys & medical malpractice lawyers in Chicago routinely take on large challenges, and succeed. In addition to representing clients locally in Chicago and nationally in a full spectrum of cases involving catastrophic personal injuries, medical malpractice, workplace injuries and wrongful death, our team of top Chicago attorneys has taken the lead nationally in representing clients who are victims of defective medical products.

Our clients include thousands who have been injured by products such as defective hip and knee replacement joints including the Stryker Modular Rejuvenate and ABG II Femoral Hip Implants as well as hip replacement devices from DePuy Orthopaedics of Johnson & Johnson, PROFEMUR, Wright Medical Technology and Zimmer, Inc., as well as medications such as Invokana, Pradaxa and Xarelto.

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Meyers & Flowers Partners Honored to be Named to the 2019 Illinois Super Lawyers List

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Defective Devices

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Dangerous Drugs

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Sexual Abuse

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Why Choose Meyers & Flowers

As a top Chicago attorney law firm, Meyers & Flowers have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for clients who would otherwise be limited to insurance policy limits which are usually woefully inadequate to fully handle medical and other costs.

Our trial attorneys in Chicago are supported by a highly skilled team of paralegals, expert witnesses, top financial consultants and medical professionals. This team approach is what makes Meyers & Flowers stand out from the competition in that preparation is comprehensive and fast. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers understand that many our clients are not only suffering from a personal injury but are also having to deal with a reduction in income.

While we are headquartered in Chicago, we have successfully taken on Big Pharma and other international corporations that are responsible for injuries caused by their products. We are considered a top Chicago law firm because we are not intimidated by these giant corporations. Meyers & Flowers have the internal resources to fully document the consequences of the injury to our client and to establish which entity must bear the burden of providing substantial and relevant compensation.

One of the services we provide to our clients is that of buffer between the incident response team of attorneys and our client. Offers to settle early in the negotiation process is a sign that the opposition hopes to avoid a trial and the much larger award that is likely to awarded by a jury. At Meyers & Flowers, we evaluate these offers against the needs of our client, including future needs, and advise accordingly. Taking on the role of advocate for our client means that we bear the brunt of the often aggressive negotiating that is done in these cases.

Since our Chicago lawyers have a reputation for winning large awards and settlements for our clients nationwide, our negotiating power is considerable. We have been successful due to our hard work in meticulously preparing our cases for trial and our policy of forwarding the lawsuit to trial as quickly as possible. We don’t allow the other side to slow the process with meaningless legal tactics.

Get Full and Meaningful Compensation

Meyers & Flowers attracts clients from all over America due to our reputation for relentlessly achieving meaningful compensation for victims of corporate and institutional negligence. As a top Chicago law firm, we also attract the best lawyers in Chicago, paralegals, expert consultants and clerical staff. The combined talent of our team enables our clients to succeed against huge corporate litigation teams with unlimited finances and every reason to delay proceedings. We are a powerful force, fully focused on vigorously pursuing financial compensation for our clients who are dealing with life changing injuries or losses.

We enjoy the challenge of obtaining full compensation for our clients and their families. This comes in part from operating with the knowledge that our adversaries are primarily focused on reducing the financial impact a proper financial award will have on their client’s financial statements. One common tactic is to offer a settlement early on in the proceedings which appears fairly generous.

Early offers of settlements are almost always far short of the true financial impact the injury and loss will have on our clients lives going forward. These offers are made quickly to take advantage of the sudden financial and emotional stress that an injury or a death will have on a family. Understanding and countering the tactics employed by large corporations and institutions is one reason why we are considered among the best lawyers in Chicago.

Vigorous Case Preparation Gets Results

Client Trust

Recognizing that our clients place their trust in us to resolve issues that have profound effects on their family, our experienced team of some of the best attorneys in Chicago do everything that we can to earn that trust by our vigorous advocacy of our clients' interests. Throughout the entire process, the attorneys at Meyers & Flowers possess the work ethic along with the detailed personal attention that is necessary to fully understand and win cases.

Best Lawyers Chicago

Vigorous Case Preparation

We prepare every case very aggressively, pushing the other side to respond to our demands and effectively setting the stage for successful settlement negotiations. Part of our power stems from our stellar record of wins as well as our policy of preparing each case for trial regardless of the opposition’s assurances of impending settlement offers.

Our expert accountants and lifestyle consultants fully understand the current and future needs of our clients who have endured physical or mental injuries due to negligence. Our topa trial attorneys are well versed in communicating these financial requirements clearly, both in settlement negotiations and if necessary during trial. In wrongful death cases, we know how to expose the actual monetary loss that loss of a loved one, particularly the primary income earner, has on the family. Successfully making the case for meaningful compensation requires the full force of the top Chicago law firm of Meyers & Flowers, particularly when going against corporate giants with deep pockets.

“Each year, Meyers & Flowers brings positive outcomes to many individuals and families whose lives changed due to catastrophic injury, medical negligence, defective products or workplace injury.”

Excellent Results

Meyers & Flowers is a Chicago law firm operating from a simple basic philosophy: put the client first. With that as a guiding principle, Meyers & Flowers has grown from a small but dedicated group of trial attorneys and medical malpractice lawyers into one of the top law firms in Chicago, with a practice dedicated to obtaining full and just compensation for clients across the United States.

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Don’t let defective medical products ruin your life.

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Defective Medical Products

As national leaders in the area of defective medical products and "mass tort" litigation, our attorneys have the experience to maximize your recovery Read more »


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Attention corn growers submit your claim against syngenta®

Meyers & Flowers in the News

Meyers & Flowers warns of serious elbow injuries due to Depuy Radial Head Prosthesis System

More than 50,000 DePuy Radial Head Prosthesis System devices have been recalled by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) since late December 2016. eyers & Flowers is warning the public and patients who have had an elbow replacement using the DePuy Synthes Radial Head Prosthesis System about possible serious injuries.

Meyers & Flowers warning Diabetics about serious genital infections linked to SGLT2 Inhibitors, a class of popular Diabetes drugs

Meyers & Flowers is advising those with Type II Diabetes about a recent U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning. The agency has received several reports of Fournier’s Gangrene or necrotizing fasciitis cases linked to popular sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) Inhibitors including Invokana, Jardiance, Farxiga, and Streglatro.

Popular Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments May Lead To Dangerous Injuries And Chronic Pain For Women

Reality TV stars are having it done on their shows, and mainstream Hollywood actresses are talking about it to celebrity magazines like People and US. Vaginal rejuvenation is one of the newest cosmetic procedures and is gaining in popularity, but be warned, these trendy treatments may potentially be dangerous according to Meyers & Flowers.

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