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Wright Medical Technology sold hip implants with some metal-on-metal components that caused dangerous side effects and the FDA has received hundreds of adverse event reports on Wright devices.

Metal-on-metal moving parts in hip implants grind against each other as the hip moves, releasing shards of metal into patients’ bodies. These metal shards injure and irritate the surrounding tissue and leach toxic chemicals into the body, inflaming and corroding soft tissue and bone and causing numerous adverse effects including tumors and other illnesses.

Patients who received Wright hip implants experienced severe pain, inflammation and other severe symptoms. Many were forced to undergo expensive and painful surgery to prematurely replace the implant many years and have taken part in the Wright Medical Technology Lawsuit.

Litigation across the country against Wright Medical Technology has been consolidated into Multi District Litigation (MDL). Like a class action suit, one court will hear the suits together but unlike a class action, each plaintiff bringing suit can obtain compensation relative to their individual injuries.

Meyers & Flowers has the expertise and experience to pursue the prosecution of large corporate medical device manufactures such as Wright Medical Technology. Our attorneys have received millions on behalf of clients harmed by defective devices and drugs.

If you received a Wright Medical Technology hip implant and you have experienced any adverse effect, please contact our office for a free Wright Hip Replacement Lawsuit consultation.

It will cost you nothing to find out what might be done in your and we collect no fees unless we win your case.

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