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Injury at Birth: Examining the Lasting Trauma for Mothers and Children

When childbirth is met with injury for the mother or child, then there can be costly and emotional repercussions, possibly lasting years or even the duration of the child or mother’s life.

Legal Recourse for Birth Injuries

All too often, birth injury occurs from the result of negligence from a doctor or other health care provider. In the case of a childbirth injury malpractice claim, monetary compensation can get awarded if the health care provider is found to be responsible for the injury or even responsible for failing to detect and prevent the injury.

While the birth of a child should be a momentous occasion, sometimes birth injuries occur. If you suspect these birth injuries happened as a result of negligence from a doctor or other health care provider, then you need to contact our birth injury attorney in Chicago at Meyers & Flowers immediately.

Frequent Kinds of Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries are especially tragic because they have the potential of affecting that child’s entire life and they are harder to detect, considering a baby lacks the ability to communicate what is wrong. With advancing medical procedures and technology, it is becoming easier to detect and resolve issues before they cause permanent damage. However, medical facilities occasionally neglect usual means of detection and prevention, and the resultant trauma to the child can prevent him or her from living a normal life. This can cost both the child and parents a lifetime of emotional anguish, not to mention countless amounts of money in treatment. Knowing how to conduct childbirth is medical provider’s responsibility and, if found guilty of malpractice, can result in a lawsuit and/or a loss of their license to perform.

there is a baby that is laying down in hospital

Some childbirth injures that can occur are:

Dysplasia, especially hip dysplasia, can result from health provider oversight during childbirth. Dysplasia is defined as a developmental disorder that is pronounced by an alteration in size, shape, and organization of adult cells. Not properly treated, dysplasia can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in future medical expenses, not to mention the pain that a child will have to endure from surgeries in the future or a lack of ability to live life to the fullest. A properly licensed medical doctor and facility should be able to detect and diagnose dysplasia, not to mention be able to avoid risky medical practices that may cause dysplasia in the first place.

Cerebral Palsy can occur as a result of a childbirth injury, specifically when the child doesn’t receive enough oxygen during childbirth. In many cases, it occurs as a result of negligence from the attending doctor or other healthcare provider. When malpractice is the cause of a child’s cerebral palsy, the medical provider and doctors involved are financially responsible for all future medical expenses, loss of income potential, emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life. Since cerebral palsy is not a treatable condition, the lawsuit can be significant.

Sometimes a shoulder or arm injury can happen to a child during birth. This childbirth injury can affect a child adversely for his or her whole life. There are a number of causes and malpractice is considered one of them. Using medical tools improperly, not detecting the usual signs leading to shoulder obstruction, or any other reason, these childbirth injuries can be costly both in medical expenses and in loss of income.

These are a few of the childbirth injuries that can occur as a result of mistreatment from a doctor or other medical care provider. There are an unlimited number of other situations that could warrant a malpractice suit. If you feel like there was something incorrect that resulted in a childbirth injury and are looking for a birth injury attorney in Chicago, contact us right away to receive your free consultation to see if you have a case.

Why Meyers & Flowers?

At Meyers & Flowers, our attorneys are among the best birth injury lawyers Chicago can offer. They are expertly knowledgeable in the field of birth injuries, and can look over your case and be able to determine whether or not it was the fault of a member of the medical facility or obstetrician that handled your childbirth. If there is a potential malpractice lawsuit, then you will want a team like Meyers & Flowers on your side. Using their proficiency and experience in medical injury litigation, they will seek a fair and equitable compensation for your childbirth injury.

Statute of limitations

It should be noted that if your childbirth injury occurred in Illinois, the Illinois state law does have a statute of limitations for childbirth injury malpractice lawsuits. As such, you should contact Meyers & Flowers as soon as you suspect that something improper occurred, regardless of how long it has been since childbirth.

It costs nothing to meet with our top Chicago birth injury lawyers for a free consultation. There will be no fee unless we win your case.

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