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Settlement in Birthing Negligence

An obstetrician at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield Illinois recently settled a lawsuit brought on behalf of the parents of a child grievously injured during the birthing process.

The mother was admitted to the hospital at 9:10 a.m., but did not deliver the baby until 3:04 p.m. the following day. While the mother was in labor, there were signs the baby was struggling with its ability to be born vaginally.

However, the attending obstetrician chose not to perform a caesarian section, opting instead to use a vacuum to induce childbirth. He employed this technique seven times until finally delivering the baby via caesarian section.

By this time, the child suffered severe and permanent injury, rendering him quadriplegic.

The father of the baby is a medical doctor who works at the same hospital, and he and his wife were represented by attorney Peter Flowers.

The case settled near the policy limits.

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