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$25 Million Award for Nurse’s Error

Suffering from toxic shock syndrome, Narin Bun nearly died before being hospitalized in 2002.

The work of doctors at Provena St. Joseph Hospital in Elgin was thought to have saved her life and had her on a road to recovery. However, a mistake made during a routine procedure left Bun in a near-vegetative condition that requires constant medical care and considerable costs.

Foote-Meyers worked on behalf of Bun’s husband, Sipho, and their family, claiming a nurse allowed air to enter a tube used to provide antibiotics to Narin Bun. That mistake led Bun to have a heart attack and stroke leaving her dependent on others for all of her care.

In 2006, a Kane County judge found in Bun’s favor and a jury later awarded $24.7 million in damages to Sipho Bun. At the time of the award, Bun said he would use the money to move his wife out of a nursing-care facility and into a larger home to accommodate his wife’s needs. The lawsuit was filed in Kane County, where the jury's award remains one of the highest amounts ever ordered.

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