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Salvadore Navarro

Personal Injury: Tragic Construction Accident

A large pipe suddenly dropped onto Salvadore Navarro’s neck and shoulder on a demolition job at a hospital in Chicago. At 28 years old, in the prime of his life, Salvadore was rushed to the emergency room on the other end of the construction site. After his surgery, he had to endure a year of intensive physical therapy for his neck and shoulder, which would prevent him from returning to work. His wife, Flor had just given birth to a baby and they had a five year-old daughter.

“My husband is the breadwinner and he couldn’t walk or return to work,” Flor said. “Everything turned black. We lost our home. It seemed we had no options.”

Salvadore’s company laid him off, but promised to hire him back when he recovered. In the midst of their tragedy, Flor sought legal counsel from Craig Brown, one of the top attorneys in personal injury at Meyers & Flowers law firm in Chicago. The Meyers & Flowers firm has a proven record in personal injury and workers’ compensation for construction accidents.

“Thankfully, Meyers & Flowers took care of everything for us and things started to settle,” Flor said. “Craig and his team at Meyers & Flowers gave me great peace of mind. They listened to our family’s needs and got the workers’ comp on track immediately. It was awesome. The check was never late once.”

With the Meyers & Flowers working on their behalf, the family had hope again. They avoided potential delays in payments and stall tactics. After the year, Salvadore was released to work with restrictions. His company could not offer him a job with the restriction of no heavy lifting. Meyers & Flowers law firm executed the workers’ compensation case and a third party company case involved in the accident for a combined settlement.

“The Meyers & Flowers law firm was the best thing that could have happened to us,” Flor said. “Craig advised us on many things we just didn’t know about with the case. Every person we worked with on the Meyers and Flowers team was so professional. We could not have done this alone. We would have gone crazy without Craig I don’t know where we would be today if it wasn’t for them. The settlement turned out in our favor with good money to take care of Salvadore’s medical bills and carry on with our life.”

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