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Robyn Scott

Workers’ Compensation

Robyn Scott, a contract coordinator, struggled with horrific pain in her wrists that turned out to be diagnosed as carpel tunnel. Two decades at the computer for eight hours a day had damaged her hands and her ability to work. At the time, she had no idea that carpel tunnel was a workers’ comp injury, until her doctor suggested it.

“A friend told me to get a lawyer for my workers’ compensation case because I would wind up having to go to court and represent myself,” Robyn said. She was referred to Attorney Ryan Theriault, of Chicago law firm Meyers & Flowers, a top worker’s compensation team of attorneys with a record of protection and getting results for their clients. With multiple surgeries ahead, she needed help.

“I needed someone to protect me as the medical bills were upwards of $20,000,” she said. “Ryan just told me to send him a copy of the bills and he would take care of it. The Meyers & Flowers law firm team really fought for me. They were professional and made me feel comfortable. Ryan thoroughly explained everything to me and kept me updated on the progress of the case.”

Robyn endured two surgeries on her left hand and one on her right. While she recovered, Theriault represented her in the workers’ compensation case.

“I knew Ryan’s team at Meyers & Flowers law firm was working on my behalf, but each time the bills came in, I became anxious,” Robyn said. “The settlement for the case was way beyond anything I could have expected. Ryan and his law firm, Meyers & Flowers, went the extra mile to get me the compensation that I deserved.”

Years later, Robyn took a fall at work. She tore the meniscus in her knee and injured her lower back. The injury would require intensive physical therapy to repair it and time out of work. Having already experienced workers’ compensation, instead of trying to file her doctor bills alone, she just contacted Theriault to take care of her. While she underwent recovery for her injuries, the Meyers & Flowers law firm represented her workers’ compensation case.

“I was extremely pleased with the settlement of both workers’ comp cases,” Robyn said. “I could not have endured those injuries and dealt with workers’ comp alone. I needed someone who knows the law. Ryan and his team at Meyers & Flowers law firm knew exactly what to do every step of the way.”

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