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On May 5, 2021, Chicago-based baby care accessory manufacturer Kolcraft Enterprises Inc., re-announced a recall of its once-popular inclined sleeper accessory. Kolcraft urged consumers to stop using the product immediately in order to prevent the risk of their baby suffocating. Kolcraft initially recalled the infant sleeper in February 2020.

Infant sleepers, in general, are infamous and have a notorious track record for injury and death. Kolcraft’s recall is the ninth such recall, ultimately amounting to some 5.6 million inclined infant sleepers recalled in just 10 months. Parents affected by the Kolcraft inclined infant sleeper may have legal recourse available to them.

What Kolcraft sleeper was recalled exactly?

The affected product is an inclined sleeper accessory sold with two of Kolcraft’s bassinets: 

  • Kolcraft Cuddle ‘n Care 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleeper (starting with model # KB063)
  • Kolcraft Preferred Position 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleeper (starting with model number KB061)

The bassinets are safe for continued use without the inclined sleeper portion.

How can I tell if my Kolcraft infant sleeper fits the recall?

The Kolcraft recall affects 51,000 inclined sleeper accessories that were sold nationwide at department stores and through online retailers from March 2011 to December 2017.

To quickly determine if your Kolcraft bassinet might be subject to the recall, you can find the unit’s model number located on the metal bar between the legs of the bassinet. (The bassinet isn’t being recalled; the inclined sleeper accessory is.)

Infant injuries associated with the Kolcraft inclined sleeper accessory

No accidents or injuries have yet been reported to have resulted from these inclined sleepers. However, it is important to note that they are being recalled out of an abundance of caution and that that caution is unfortunately backed by an abundance of often fatal injuries resulting from inclined infant sleepers from other manufacturers.

The injuries most often occurred when infants rolled from their backs and onto the stomach or side and could not return upright unassisted. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has recalled more than five and a half million inclined infant sleepers from seven manufacturers in just three years.

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Why are inclined infant sleepers dangerous?

According to extensive research by Consumer Reports, no inclined infant sleeper is safe. The Safe Sleep for Babies Act of September 2019 aims to ban them entirely, and major online retailers including Amazon, eBay, Buy Buy Baby, and Walmart have all vowed to stop carrying infant sleepers whether the exact brand or unit model has been recalled or not.

Infant sleepers position babies at between 10 and 30 degrees, creating an unsafe sleeping environment for them. Airway compression, suffocation, and death can result when the baby’s head slumps forward, blocks airflow, and makes it easier for a baby to get entangled in or suffocated by the sleeper’s fabric

What you should do if you have the Kolcraft inclined sleeper accessory

Stop using the inclined sleeper accessory immediately. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the bassinet is safe for continued use, without the inclined accessory.

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Kolcraft’s response and inadequate recompense

When the Chicago-based baby care accessory manufacturer announced its voluntary recall, it shared that consumers who had purchased the $140.00 product would be entitled to a $35 voucher usable on its website, or a $30 refund. Given that the product retailed for much more than either of those figures and given its potential for infant harm, many parents have found this inadequate. 


Consumers or parents affected by the recall and its emotional or physical trauma and the product’s potential for injury to their children may have legal recourse available to them.

Meyers & Flowers has fought on behalf of numerous families who fell victim to defective products and devices. Our caring, aggressive legal team understands what it means to demand fair and just compensation from major corporations who often consider a bottom line more important than the safety of their products. For baby care products, dangerous and defective devices are particularly egregious.

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