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Mass transit accidents are far less common in frequency, but nevertheless can be a tragic occurrence causing great physical and emotional pain.

As with automobile accidents, very serious injuries or death often occur as a result of faulty equipment or the negligence of a conductor, pilot or controller. Complex issues, such as determining fault and insurance coverage, frequently arise in these cases.

If you have been injured in an airplane or train accident, it is vital for you to contact an attorney who is experienced in plane crash or train accident litigation as soon as possible. Extensive investigations and expert study is required to fully determine the accident’s cause and, ultimately, who is responsible. This is why Meyers & Flowers will give you the best plane crash and train accident attorney Chicago has to offer.

Meyers & Flowers believes it is important that your interests are protected throughout this process in order to ensure you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled.

Our firm has experience in all aspects of airplane and train accident litigation and relies on expert consultation to handle the scientific and technical facts involved in such cases. Our knowledge and resources enable us to ensure all responsible parties are held fully accountable for the tragic consequence of their negligence.

We understand that the time after one of these tragic accidents will be emotionally and financially straining. For those reasons, Meyers & Flowers' train accident and plane crash lawyers work to ensure our clients' claims are resolved as quickly and effectively as possible, allowing them to move beyond this difficult period in their lives.

It costs nothing to meet with our attorneys for a free consultation. There will be no fee until we win your case.

For more information on mass transportation accident cases, contact our offices to talk to a Meyers & Flowers train accident or plane crash lawyer who specializes in this area.

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