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If you’ve been injured at work and have a case to make for compensation, this is a serious matter. The outcome of your case can affect the rest of your life, and it’s vital that you are able to receive what you need to make you whole again with the help of a personal injury attorney in Chicago.

You can have the best case in the world and it can still go wrong if without the right attorney.

What can you ask to assure yourself you’re on the right path?

Does the Attorney do Personal Injury Exclusively?

It’s to your advantage if the attorney you choose focuses on personal injury law. Many attorneys handle a wide range of legal issues for their clients. They may be excellent attorneys, but the more experience your attorney has with personal injury law, the more they know, and the harder they can fight for you.

What is the Attorney’s Track Record?

Does this attorney have a winning record with cases such as yours? Do they have a history of attaining high-dollar settlements?

Will the Attorney Go to Trial If Necessary?

Some in the personal injury field do not take cases to trial on a regular basis, if at all. This gives insurance companies an advantage in any negotiations, as the there is no real threat of litigation if they refuse to meet your terms. Find an attorney who is a trial lawyer who presents cases in court regularly, and wins.

Can the Attorney Afford to Invest in Your Case?

If you have a case that a lawyer finds strong enough to take, does the attorney or his firm have the resources to keep fighting as long as necessary? If your defense requires hiring expert witnesses, or gathering data to support your case, does your attorney have access to the leading professionals in these fields?

Is the Attorney Viewed as an Expert by Others?

Does the attorney attend and speak at professional conferences? Have they written papers or articles about aspects of personal injury matters for law review journals or magazines? Do they teach personal injury law at a community college, university or law school?

Will the Attorney Allow You to Speak with His Clients?

You won’t get a more honest perspective of a personal injury lawyer than by speaking with someone with whom the attorney has worked in the past. Alternatively, reading online reviews can be very enlightening about the quality of work performed in personal injury law.

Investigate these issues and ask any other questions that come up along the way until you are satisfied you have found the right personal injury lawyer. You’ll know when you’ve reached a point of true confidence.

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