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Atherosclerosis is a medical condition that causes hardening and the narrowing of the arteries in the body. When it affects the heart, the condition is known as coronary artery disease, which affects millions of people each year and is the number one killer of Americans. Atherosclerosis can cause life-threatening blockages as plaque builds up in the arteries of the heart. One procedure used to address atherosclerosis is an atherectomy.

During an atherectomy procedure, vascular surgeons will sometimes insert a device with a rotational cutting blade into the artery to ablate or break up the arterial plaque. In most procedures, the medical devices function correctly, but recently two atherectomy devices from Boston Scientific have caused significant injury and, in one case, led to the death of a cardiac patient.

Medical device manufacturer Boston Scientific recently recalled the RotaWire Elite Guidewire and wireClip Torquer Guidewire devices. These two device components are part of the company’s Rotablator Rotational Atherectomy System and are used in cardiology cases. Boston Scientific has recalled the RotaWire 'Elite' core wires because they may crack and separate from the rest of the atherectomy system causing serious injury.

What is my risk?

The recall information indicated that the certain medical complications may have resulted from guidewire devices during the atherectomy procedure. Patients may have experienced a cardiac tamponade episode, where blood in the sac around the heart causes a decrease in heart function, myocardial infarction or heart attack, and wire that have separated from the device may migrate to other parts of the body.

Three reported issues occurred, including a patient’s death when medical intervention was needed to remove the broken wire. Other medical interventions included purposefully occluding or blocking off the affected artery, the placement of a stent into the affected artery, and emergency heart surgery.

If you have had an atherectomy procedure using Boston Scientific’s Rotablator Rotational Atherectomy System and you suspect you have been injured, contact Chicago’s Meyers & Flower for information on the RotaWire Elite Guidewire and wireClip Torquer Guidewire recall.

The RotaWire Elite Guidewire and wireClip Torquer Guidewire were manufactured from June 26, 2015, to September 10, 2015, and distributed from July 9, 2015, to October 1, 2015. Some 600 units have been recalled from 17 States as of November 2015.

Boston Scientific is responsible for providing safe and reliable medical devices to the public. When their devices cause injuries and, in some cases, death, the company should be held accountable for their negligence. As one of the top law firms in the country, Meyers & Flowers has the experience and expertise needed to prosecute international medical device corporations such as Boston Scientific.

Our team of attorneys has represented thousands of patients. Our relentless pursuit of justice for our clients has resulted in billion dollar settlements and numerous jury awards. We understand what it takes to win cases, from our meticulous preparation for each court proceeding to our deep understanding of how each client and their families have been impacted by their injuries. We are fully prepared to litigate a successful Rotablator Rotational Atherectomy System lawsuit in Chicago as well as throughout the United States.

How We can Help You

The first step is scheduling a no-obligation appointment with one of our lawyers. If you suffered any medical complications during a Rotablator Rotational Atherectomy System procedure, you should explore your rights and the possible compensation due to you.

You will not be expected to pay any fees to Meyers & Flowers unless we successfully litigate your case. Chicago’s Meyers & Flowers is prepared to take on your case and protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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